Yao Qiang: to advance the general contract of power engineering must be oriented to the source of va

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Time: 2017-12-05

nt present situation as well as how to play the advantages of the general contractor to further promote the development of issues such as an interview with this reporter.

Reporter: what do you think is the significance of the introduction of No. 19 to the development of the domestic general contract?

Yao qiang:

First of all, I want to talk about the document issued 101 "the State Council forwarded the Ministry of construction and other departments on the opinions of system reform in engineering investigation and design units of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as No. 101), the document clearly pointed out that the goal of the reform is to be the cause of the nature of the survey and design units to science and technology enterprises, and transformation of reference international engineering company, engineering consulting and design companies, design firms, geotechnical engineering company model, small and medium-sized survey and design units can be reformed in accordance with the laws and regulations permit the enterprise system.

It can be said that No. 101 is the most fundamental document, focusing on the understanding of the international engineering industry since the reform and opening up.

And No. 19 this year's release, third of which clearly made perfect regulations, EPC system clear the general contracting unit for quality and safety responsibility, including government investment projects should improve construction management mode, take the lead in promoting EPC; accelerate the improvement of EPC related bidding, construction permits, completion of acceptance system in accordance with the provisions of general contract; responsibility principle, the implementation of the total project contracting units in the project quality and safety, schedule control, cost management and other aspects of the responsibility for the views, and actively promote the development of engineering contracting and provided strong policy support to promote the healthy and stable development of the general contracting.

Reporter: would you please introduce the application of the general contract model in the power industry of China?

Yao qiang:

For a long time, the basic construction management mode of electric power engineering in China has not fundamentally changed. In recent years, we are continuing to explore new engineering management mode. China power engineering consultant group and Shandong Electric Power Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd. are the earliest enterprises in China to carry out the general contract of power engineering.

At present, the general contract mode has become the mainstream in the field of thermal power construction. By Chinese Power Engineering Consulting Group Corporation General Contracting Construction Anhui Tongling million kilowatt power plant project is Chinese power construction in the history of the first million kilowatt class project, set a milepost in China Power Construction EPC million kilowatt project, China power engineering general contracting mode of the mature.

In the last two years, a new breakthrough has been made in the mode of hydropower construction in China, and the use of the total contract mode for the construction of pumped storage power stations is basically the practice of the industry. Sichuan Yalong River by China water conservancy and hydropower seventh Engineering Bureau Co. Ltd. and China electric power construction company of East China Investigation and Design Institute Limited joint commitment Yangfanggou hydropower project, which belongs to the million kilowatts of large hydropower station for the first time in the domestic implementation of EPC mode, has become the starting point of conventional hydropower contracting. In addition, the new energy field is basically the general contract mode, especially the photovoltaic project.

Reporter: in your view, what is the advantage and disadvantage of our power design enterprises on the international stage compared with the advanced foreign enterprises in the general contracting area? How should we improve it?

Yao qiang:

First of all, I want to emphasize that the construction of foreign projects is a professional design, and most of the domestic industry belongs to the design of the industry. The design, which contains seven meanings, is only part of the design we understand. The design and design in EPC is not only our understanding of the competency framework engineering company is the project management in the most important position, and the design is only to provide a role of basic data, because the basic data are mostly derived from the design, finally to determine a basic performance index. The domestic design institute wants to develop the project general contract, it is necessary to transform to the engineering company, and the construction unit is also applicable.

In addition, in the system, we now emphasize that China's standards must also go out, which often hinder the development of China's EPC. The biggest problem is that the standard management system is not clear. National standards exist only in safety, environment and human health.

We currently have more than 60000 standards, every profession has the national standard. Without national standards, enterprises can not purchase, our standards seriously restrict their own progress. Vertically, our design has a single meaning, and there are barriers in the industry horizontally. The development of the general contract is not fast, and the improvement in capacity building is one of the important factors that we should pay attention to.

Due to the vertical management system and relatively inefficient work mode, the traditional project construction mode is called the "Wang Ye system" by the industry. The problems on the project are advancing slowly. It takes a lot of time, manpower and material resources to solve the problems. Flat management system of EPC mode, greatly improve the efficiency of solving the problem, reduce the difficulty of solving the problem, so that owners can make full use of the owners, contractor management mode, focus on aspects of production preparation and project external coordination, promote the seamless production and infrastructure. It is true that the EPC model has many

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