Shandong winter 103 thousand and 400 users benefit from coal to electricity"

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Time: 2017-12-05

In November 12th, with the completion of the 10 thousand volt Hou camping line of Liaocheng power supply company in Shandong, it marked the successful completion of the construction target of the coal modification power grid project in Shandong in 2017. Shandong electric power has invested 10 thousand volts and below coal to power matching power grid construction funds, 310 million yuan, new construction, transformation of 10 thousand volts line 426.4 km, low voltage line 395.5 km, new distribution capacity of 25.3 million KVA. Speed up the construction of 35 thousand volts and above, increase the power capacity of the power grid, increase the capacity of 242.1 kilovolt AMV, 418.8 kilometers of new and reconstructed lines, and total investment of 1 billion 670 million yuan.

According to statistics, a total of 103 thousand and 400 urban and rural users in Shandong will benefit from the heating area of about 9000000 square meters. According to preliminary estimates, after the transformation, the winter can reduce coal consumption of 220 thousand tons, 510 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide emissions and other waste materials.

It is understood that in the coal to electricity grid supporting the construction of the construction period, Shandong power has invested 110 thousand people to participate in the construction, advance planning, careful arrangements, from the management of rush period, advance the development of "coal to electricity construction technology principle", by line by investigation and analysis after the transformation of variable load change, advance in the village is indeed households, actively explore the feasibility with initial integration mode, shorten the preparatory work process, complete the survey and design work in advance, to determine the construction plan and material requirement, and the 30 day plan formulated in October. In the process of Engineering promotion, we should deepen the application of field operation safety control and control platform, eliminate the blind spot of supervision, and issue the guidance for safety management of distribution network engineering, so as to ensure the safety and controllability of the project. Strict control milestone plan, safety and quality complete target task.

At the same time, to promote coal to electricity projects successfully completed, the province's total introduction of coal to electricity supporting policy 11, which the provincial policy 4, city policy 7, comprehensive coverage of environmental restrictions, subsidies, special equipment, electricity grid electricity subsidies, subsidies and other areas, to promote coal to electricity technology is widely used to lay the foundation. Taking Ji'nan, the largest number of households, as an example, a one-time subsidy is provided to the users of household electric heating transformation to purchase electric heating equipment, which is subsidized by 2000 yuan per household, and some users are underpaid. Since the 2017 heating season, the residents of the household electric heating are subsidized by the standard of 0.2 yuan / degrees in the heating period, with the maximum subsidy of 6000 degrees per year. The annual electricity consumption of more than 4800 degrees, not the implementation of the price ladder residents third electricity prices. For centralized heating enterprises, the preferential price of 0.5 yuan / kWh and 0.25 yuan / kWh of the valley will be executed, and the losses of the heating enterprises will be subsidized by the third party audit. In terms of equipment purchase, the local government will give a one-time subsidy to 4000 yuan per household in Dezhou. In terms of electricity price, the government will subsidize 1000 yuan per household per year, with a term of 3 years.

On the basis of fully completing the construction of coal to electricity supporting grid project, Shandong electric power will continue to do well in operation and maintenance of coal related facilities, carry out electricity visits to customers in the winter, and timely grasp the situation of power consumption, and strengthen load forecasting and expected effectiveness analysis. Set up a special person to provide 24 hours of door service to the coal customers. During the heating season, the power supply facilities of coal changing to electricity are visited once a week. The live detection is carried out synchronously with conditions, eliminating potential defects in time, ensuring stable operation of distribution facilities and reliable heating of customers. We should do a good job of repairing coal to change electricity related facilities, and carry out the propaganda of electric heating safety knowledge so as to make the customers clear the coal reform policy and the scope of the power supply service.

In addition, before the Spring Festival, Shandong electric power will also allocate emergency spare parts distribution according to the proportion of 5% of the coal to electricity matching project, and do a good job in the emergency anticipation of the sudden increase of heating load in the rural concentrated return to the countryside, so as to ensure that the good things are done well.

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